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Resources / Informing students

DET website 

This Victorian Government Department of Education and Training website's School section offers a wealth of information for secondary students, parents and teachers.

The Teachers and Support Staff section includes:

  • Careers Resources - extensive information to help teachers to set up and manage individual student career pathways including the student mapping tool and a range of career related websites and contacts. This section includes the Transitions Resource Kit (lesson plans and resources) and The Real Game Series (career and life skills education programs from Year 3 to Year 12 to help students see the connection between school studies and life after school).
  • Engaging Parents in Career Conversations (EPICC) Framework - an online resource that careers practitioners can use to engage parents in the career development of young people.
  • Careers and Transitions - resources for teachers to Support your students’ careers pathways with Managed Individual Pathways (MIPs) and access a range of research and presentations around helping your students with career choices and transitions.

The Students > Beyond School  section of the website provides tailored and relevant information about the world of work, work experience, career planning, pathways and development, and occupations for secondary school students.

The Parents > Beyond School section of the website provides parents with information about career planning at school, career pathways after school, and Career Conversations - an online resource to assist parents to talk to their child about what sort of career they’d like in the future. 

First in Family

The First in Family website has information and resources for students who are the first in their immediate family intending to go to university, as well as for their families.

Make Your Mark

The Make Your Mark website is an initiative of the Bridges program, a collaboration of NSW / ACT education organisations and institutions. It has similar aims and objectives to LEAP. While some information on the site is relevant only to NSW and ACT  students, the site has generic content, such as inspirational student profile videos and careers information, which is relevant to all secondary students. 

Study Assist

Study Assist, another Australian Government site, helps school students and their families understand what study options are available to them and what support they are eligible for if pursuing higher education.

 Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre

The Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre site provides information for students on applying for tertiary courses, scholarships, admissions tests and more.

Career Information

Ace Day Jobs

Ace Day Jobs is an ABC site that showcases a range of unusual and intriguing jobs and how people get into them. It includes a job match to help students connect with a field of interest - ideal for secondary year levels.

Careers searchable database

The Careers page on the Open Universities website includes a searchable database covering the LEAP professions: Design & Architecture; Engineering;  Healthcare, Medical & Pharmaceuticals; the Legal sector; Sciences & Technology, and many others. Each career entry includes detail on salary levels, employment numbers, trends, growth and gender representation, plus information about duties and skills involved.  

Graduate Careers Australia

Best suited to senior students, Graduate Careers Australia gives overviews of the variety of jobs in different professional fields and information about graduate salaries and demographics, as well as graduate career planning.

Job Guide

The Job Guide provides an in-depth look at a range of occupations, and their education and training pathways.  Job Guide also gives useful information about how to work out what occupations suit students best, based on their interests and abilities.

Job Outlook

Job Outlook is an Australian Government site that has careers and labour market research information. Use the search options to find information covering around 350 individual occupations, to help you decide on your future career.

My Future

My Future provides a guide to career development, education beyond Year 12, videos by professionals and interactive career quizzes. My Future also has a new myfuture forum, a tool allowing you to talk to people working in a range of industries.

Course Information

My Future

My Future provides a guide to career development, education beyond Year 12, videos by professionals and interactive career quizzes. My Future also has a new myfuture forum, a tool allowing you to talk to people working in a range of industries.

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching

Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching  allows students to search for information on courses, universities and campuses relevant to the fields of study they are considering. 

Opening Doors to University

Produced by the Australian Government Department of Industry, the Opening Doors to University series of short videos tells inspirational stories of students who overcame barriers to fulfill their goal of getting into university. 

You will find some of these on our professions' student stories pages, or go to the Department of Industry YouTube channel to view all of these inspirational video stories, and real-life accounts by students studying in their chosen profession at university.  

The Good Universities Guide

The  Good Universities Guide  sets out which institutions run different courses, what courses to do to enter professional fields, and what happens when you actually get to university - ideal for Year 10 and up.

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