University Open Days

University Open Days are well worth encouraging students to attend, to help them and their parents/ guardians to make one of life's important decisions.

After attending, students can then integrate their Open Day fact-finding and experiences into their Career Action Plan and discuss any uncertainties with a teacher or careers advisor.

Open Days usually occur on weekends during Term 3 of the school year, mostly during August. Some universities have multiple campuses with Open Days on different dates at their regional or smaller campuses. 

Please encourage your students to:

Download our Open Day Calendar 2017 (PDF 79kb) which includes dates and times of Open Day events at all Victorian University campuses and links to their Open Day websites. 

Download our Open Day Hints and Checklist (PDF 100kb) before attending Open Days. This includes hints for students and their parents to find out:

  • Who can attend?
  • What happens at Open Day?
  • "Must do" items to tick off
  • "Must find out" items to tick off
  • What questions should I ask current university students?
  • What questions should I ask University staff?
  • What questions should I ask students and staff about on-campus accommodation?
Open Day Hints and Checklist - 2017 (PDF 102KB)

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