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LEAP Learner Progression Framework and LEAP learning foci

Although LEAP offers a number of different professional areas each with activities and supporting resources reflecting the differences between fields, they all share common design principles. This ensures that:

  • Priority schools in regional, metro and outer urban Victoria are equally able to access the program activities.
  • Activities and options are developed to encourage increased participation by Indigenous students.

Learner Progression Framework

A Learner Progression Framework allows your students to progress through the LEAP website and activities as they transition through the Year levels of high school. It allows them to build on their interaction with the LEAP Program, establishing an understanding of the professions in the younger years then working towards achieving progression to higher education in the senior years. 

LEAP Learning Foci

Within the Learner Progression Framework LEAP has two mutually reinforcing foci to demystify professional fields for your students (and their families) and engage them personally with the possibilities:

1. Understanding Professions (Year 7-10)

During the early secondary years, the 'Understanding Professions' activities of each profession area provide applied learning opportunities to school cohorts of students to enable them to experience the breadth and richness of the professional and para-professional clusters, in a way that illuminates the journey from the school experience to a diversity of professional outcomes within the field.

2. Making it Happen (Years 10-12)

'Making it Happen' focuses on building confidence, resilience, knowledge and tools to support students to reach their goals for entry to the professions via Higher Education (Years 10-12).

During the mid to later secondary years, Making it Happen activities build upon the interests developed though Understanding Professions, to focus on what is needed to access appropriate higher education courses in the discipline/professional area and to maximise potential for selection. Such activities:

  • Support the development of academic resilience and outcomes
  • Provide opportunities to thoroughly explore practical, concrete ideas to support higher education aspirations drawing upon the experiences of applicants
  • Give examples of application processes and case studies of ‘dos and don’ts’.

Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework

The LEAP Program activities also include references to the Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework (CCF). Each activity description identifies the relevant aspect of the CCF to which it relates for each year level.

Students attending LEAP events and viewing the profession areas of this website will be encouraged to review and update their own Career Action Plan through discussion with their teachers.


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