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Welcome to the LEAP Program

This section of the website provides teachers with all the information they need to get the most from the LEAP program for their students. It includes information on how to get involved in activities and make bookings as well as using the site with students.

Program approach

The LEAP website is targeted toward students from low SES communities to explore the different professions and to demystify the links between school, university and the professions.

Each professional area covered (BusinessDesign, Engineering, Health, Law and Science) contains content broken down into four sections:

  • Getting started
  • Find out more
  • Building skills
  • Making the leap

These sections are based around the LEAP learning foci:

LEAP Activities & Eligibility

As with the web pages, the LEAP activities link to the LEAP learning foci of 'Understanding the Professions' and 'Making it Happen'.

LEAP priority schools (PDF 57Kb) can request a booking for their students (incursion or excursion) or encourage their students to express interest (e.g. holiday programs).

The 'Activities' page in each profession section lists what is available and gives clear instructions on how, and by whom, expressions of interest can be made. They also provide information about AusVELS, Victorian Careers Curriculum Framework, target year levels and other relevant detail. These activity descriptors are written for the student audience and it is hoped their parents/guardians will also find them informative.


All LEAP activities are provided free of charge to LEAP priority schools (PDF 57Kb).

Where travel may be a barrier to participation, LEAP has some funds available to support schools and individual students. How to apply for travel support.

Using the website with your students

Encouraging students to investigate the content on the professions pages, read the activity descriptions, and view the LEAP News items will help them engage with their career planning and can help in a wide range of classroom situations.

There are some great activities you can use in class and beyond: Teachers>resources

LEAP Ambassadors

The LEAP Program has a number of current university students studying in the various professions who are sharing their university learning journey via the website. These LEAP Ambassadors will produce regular video clips and blog items available in the 'student story' section of each profession - your students can follow and hopefully connect with these university student role models and even get the chance to meet some of them at a LEAP event.

School University Liaison Officers (SULOs)

SULOs Update - The SULOs, employed by Monash University via a grant from DEECD, commenced in November 2012 and have worked with low SES schools across Victoria to inform student aspirations and boost participation in higher education. They have played a key role in supporting the implementation of the LEAP program.

During their time, they have promoted stronger engagement in school-university activities, increased understanding of programs and activities available to raise students' awareness of higher education options, and developed a range of resources to inform student aspirations and increase knowledge of SEAS and scholarship opportunities. Their knowledge of how schools and universities operate and their support in facilitating and arranging a range of activities has been highly valued by schools and other stakeholders.

Resources developed by the SULOs will be made available on the DEECD website and schools will be notified of their availability via the LEAP newsletter.

The SULOs finished up on 31 December 2014. We thank them for their work and wish them well with their future endeavours.

Professor Sue Willis
Vice-Provost (Education Programs)
Monash University


LEAP welcomes feedback from teachers regarding additional content they would like to see on this website to help students, parents and teachers.


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September 12th, 2017

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