The LEAP website is a resource for you and your students to explore different professions and to demystify the links between school, university and professions.

The professions covered by LEAP are Business, Design, Engineering, Health, ICT, Law and SciencesEach profession area contains content in four key pages:

  • The first two pages, Getting started and Find out more, are based on the LEAP learning focus  Understanding Professionsdesigned for junior years students. 
  • The third and fourth pages, Building skills and Making the leap, are based on the LEAP learning focus Making it Happendesigned for more senior years students.

Profession-specific information in these four key pages, supported by Student storiesProfessional profilesGlossary, and FAQs pages, aims to inform, engage, support and encourage students to pursue  post-secondary study and the possibility of a career in the profession areas. 

LEAP Activities

LEAP activities were each designed with a specific Year level focus, to complement the concepts of Understanding the Professions and Making it Happen.

LEAP priority schools can request a profession-based activity for their students (incursion or excursion) by contacting individual Universities offering LEAP events. Please also encourage your senior years students to express interest in events advertised by universities as open to student applications (usually school holiday programs).


All LEAP activities are provided free of charge to LEAP priority schools.

Where travel would be a barrier to participation, support for schools and individual students travel costs may be available. Contact the event coordinator for further advice.

Get in touch

To enquire about LEAP activities for your school
please contact one of LEAP's participating Universities