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Events Planning Calendar

Teachers - If a listed LEAP Activity (in Activities) displays "no upcoming events for this activity", you can request to negotiate an activity for your school if a School Application button is displayed. When considering your request, please use this calendar as a guide to assist in your date planning. Dates displaying scheduled activities may not be available to you for that profession.

Event status

  • open denotes an event is now available for online applications - either for School Application or individual Student Application, so you can apply online via that event's activity listing. For events advertised open to individual Student Applications, teachers can download event flyers to distribute to appropriate students.
  • TBC (to be confirmed) denotes a school request for this event which is under negotiation - if not confirmed, this event will be removed from the calendar.
  • closed denotes a scheduled event that is not available for applications (it's either fully booked, or is a negotiated-date activity requested by a school).

Disclaimer: This calendar is intended for planning purposes and while LEAP will endeavour to maintain its accuracy, changes in an event's status may occur in its Activities listing ahead of this calendar's update.

Note: If no entries appear below, you may need to clear your browser history. If using Chrome, go to Settings > History > Clear browsing data.


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May 10th, 2017

Law Week – events so good they are (almost) criminal

15- 21 May 2017 - Law Week is an annual festival of events that makes learning about the law easy. Presented by Victoria Law Foundation with the support of event partners and... Read more...

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