Using the website with your students

To get the most from the LEAP website, engage your students with the Students > profession sections information and resources.

Classroom materials are provided at Teachers > resources, to complement your teaching plans.

For students

Encourage your students to investigate the content in the professions sections to expand their understanding of the career opportunities available in these fields, and apply this learning in a wide range of classroom situations. This will help them with their career planning process and work experience choices. 

First-hand Profession insights
In each profession section, University students and recent graduates share their journey into university, their profession choice and their experiences studying in their chosen profession areas. Their video clips, blog items and profiles are in the student stories and professional profiles pages. Your students can explore these for a first-hand insight into their aspirations, university study and professional careers. 

For career planning

The website is an ideal starting point for students investigating careers in the identified professions - Business, Design, Engineering, Health, ICT, Law and Science. 

Each profession area contains content broken down into four pages:

  • The first two pages, Getting started and Find out more,  are written for students in Year 7-10. Their content addresses the LEAP focus Understanding Professions. The information is designed to interest them in the professions and provide information on the possibilities and roles within that professional area. Students are encouraged to explore these pages and share what they learn about the different professions with their parents/guardians and peers.
  • The third and fourth pages, Building skills and Making the leap are written for students in Year 10-12. Their content addresses the LEAP focus Making it Happen. The information is designed to build on their interest in the profession. It aims to provide them with richer information and ideas to build learner confidence and provide the knowledge and tools to reach their career goal in the profession via Higher Education.

For subject lessons

The Resources section offers teachers a variety of materials for classroom learning, which can be used before and after participation in LEAP activities.

LEAP activities can engage students with a particular curriculum area that is linked to a LEAP profession. Activities offer hands on experiences derived from the profession. They are both enjoyable for students and provide career insights, and links between school-based learning and  real world situations.

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