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Just a year or two ago, most of these students were like you - trying to make hard decisions.

You’ll learn how studying at university helped some to clarify their career direction, taking them on a different path. They learnt that their original study choices could be changed. Some changed courses, universities or even moved across the country to pursue their career goals. Many others found their chosen course opened up more possibilities than they had imagined. 

Arts/ Science

Tim is studying for a double degree in Arts/ Science at Monash University, with the aim of becoming a science communicator. Tim is also a Sciences Ambassador for LEAP. After starting a Nanoscience degree, he changed to Arts/ Science. "You're not locked into a profession once you start a university degree... change if you need to, the option's there to change..." View Tim's video


Nutrition -  Emily and Felicity

Emily and Felicity are studying for their Bachelor of Food & Nutrition. "I'm really passionate about helping people become educated in... the right foods to eat... to make you healthy and happy" (Emily - majoring in Food & Sport). "It's common to change your mind about your career directions as you go along" (Felicity - majoring in Food Science). View Emily and Felicity's video


Sports Science - James

James is studying Sports Science. " We study a lot of different things, biomechanics, anatomy... but Exercise and Sports Science is actually a lot of prac... we're mainly out in the field learning that way. I heard from heaps of other people how enjoyable it was... and it's been really good." View James's video


Science - Bryan

Bryan is studying Science at Federation University Australia, Gippsland campus. He is also a Sciences Ambassador for LEAP, sharing his learner journey through university in a Blog. View Bryan's Blog page.



Students' Q & A series

LEAP into...Sciences interviewed some uni students to get their take on questions that confront senior secondary school students in their career planning. View the five videos at Science students quizzed.

Here's what we asked them...

Why Science?

Loughlin, Lauren, Emily and Tim share their very different stories about what motivated them to study science. From a Science Teacher Mum, to a big book called "How things Work", the common thread in their quest is their natural curiosity. 

Are your plans the same now as they were when you started?

Julianna, Ricardo, Monique and Loughlin have all found themselves pursuing different studies and career options from those they imagined in Year 12. Their message is to be in touch with YOU... what interests you, what you enjoy, what you are good at, what keeps your options open, and what you really want to do. 

What's the best part of university?

Loughlin, Monique and Ricardo share their love of learning, innovating, and interacting with lots of friends as well as  the flexibility to pursue their own special interests  as part of their uni life.

What will you do after uni?

Julianna, Genevieve, Tim and Monique talk about their changing career expectations as their early time at uni helps clarify their preferred career direction.  They all share confidence and optimism - a hope for a future doing something that they will enjoy, or may even save the world!

Any advice to Y11 and 12 students?

Lauren, Tim,  Lucy and Loughlin each put their own, different spin on ways to consider a sciences path in your career planning. You can decide what works for YOU.

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