Professional Profiles - Science graduates

Read about the career paths and choices made by recent graduates working in their chosen field within the sciences professions. Learn more about the decisions that they made and the advice they wish they had at high school.

Research Assistant - Dolphin research - Helen

"I saw my first dolphins at the age of 8 during a sunset and have never forgotten my excitement. I have always wanted to add to the pool of knowledge. I knew that a University degree would lead me to research. I started as a volunteer – I cannot stress enough the importance of volunteer work. You get to do amazing things and meet amazing people."
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Laboratory Technician - food manufacturing - Tom

"One of the hard things about studying science is a career direction, there's so any fields to go into. I still don't know where my career's heading. But I'd definitely say go for it, there's tons of employment. And if you enjoy science you'll definitely enjoy university."

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Aquarist - SEA LIFE Melbourne Aquarium - Brianna

"I get to dive and hand feed sharks every day. I knew from early on that I needed to go to university and study a biology degree to be able to apply for a job working at an aquarium or any other job related to animals."

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Area Manager - dairy industry - Meagan

"Going to university opened my eyes to so many different learning and life experiences that has made me the person I am today."

Read Meagan's professional profile.


Pharmacist - community pharmacy - Kelly

"I really love the science of Pharmacology, how the drugs work inside the body, down to the minutest detail, it's fascinating...  It's a job you can take anywhere - I've worked in the city, in the country and overseas."

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