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Just a year or two ago, most of these students were like you - trying to make hard decisions.

You’ll learn how studying at university helped some to clarify their career direction, taking them on a different path. They learnt that their original study choices could be changed. Some changed courses, universities or even moved across the country to pursue their career goals. Many others found their chosen course opened up more possibilities than they had imagined. 

Arts/ Law - Jack

Jack is studying for an Arts/ Law double degree at Monash University, after a gap year volunteering with a Legal Center. "The opportunities you get... particularly as a law student, are pretty much unparalleled."  View Jack's video.

Law - Claudia

Claudia is studying a Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University. "I am the first person in my family to attend university and didn't let the ATAR stop me from studying law. I studied another course coming out of secondary school but journey began when I got accepted for mid-year applications." Read more...


Law - Jess

Jess is studying for a Bachelor of Laws at Victoria University and is an Ambassador for LEAP into...Law. Here she shares her family story, as a daughter of migrant parents settling in Melbourne's west and her journey from school to studying law at university. 
View Jess's video...


Law - Katia

Katia is studying for a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at Victoria University. "I took one of the largest detours to get to a law degree after receiving a sub-par ATAR score... but I wouldn’t take any of those experiences back and I think they have defined me as the person that I am, undertaking this degree. The most significant advice I would have to give... is that an ATAR doesn’t define you..."  Read more...

Law - Ross

Ross is studying Law at Victoria University. Ross was a Law Ambassador for LEAP in 2013 and he shared some of his experiences in two video blogs: what it's like studying Law; and studying overseas at a university in Germany. View Ross's videos.


Laws/ Arts - Madeleine

Maddy is studying for a Laws/ Arts double degree at Monash University. Maddy was a Law Ambassador for LEAP in 2013 and she shared some of her experiences in three video blogs: what uni life is like: coping on enrolment day: and why she chose to study Law. View Maddy's videos.


Juris Doctor - Jessica

Jessica is studying Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne, after completing an Arts Degree in Literature and Criminology. She advises students "...find something you love about Law... the language... the sense of social justice you have, or it could be that you're really interested in business..."  View Jessica's video.

Juris Doctor - Stephanie

Stephanie is studying for a Juris Doctor at the University of Melbourne. She was a Law Ambassador for LEAP in 2013. In three informative Blog postings, she shares some of her uni experiences. View Stephanies Blogs.


Postgraduate Law - Caitlin

Caitlin is studying for a postgraduate degree in Law, after first studying Commerce then changing direction after a gap year to an Arts/ Languages degree,  "I think there are so many options with a Law degree and I haven't really fixed on one yet." View Caitlin's video.

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