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Just a year or two ago, most of these students were like you - trying to make hard decisions.

You’ll learn how studying at university helped some to clarify their career direction, taking them on a different path. They learnt that their original study choices could be changed. Some changed courses, universities or even moved across the country to pursue their career goals. Many others found their chosen course opened up more possibilities than they had imagined. 

Audiology - Siobhan

"I met an audiologist just after I'd finished my my undergrad... She'd finished her Science undergrad, she loved music, she loved sound, she loved helping people and then she found this niche where it sort of brought everything together, and as soon as she said that all to me, I was sold." View Siobhan's video.


Nutrition - Emily and Felicity

"I'm really passionate about helping people become educated in... the right foods to eat... to make you healthy and happy." says Emily, who is majoring in Food & Sport.
"It's common to change your mind about your career directions as you go along" says Felicity, who is majoring in Food Science. View Emily and Felicity's videos.


Medicine - Alyce

In 2013 Alyce, studying Medicine at the University of Melbourne, was a Health Ambassador. In this video she shares her experience while on placement in the Torres Strait. View Alyce's video.



Medicine - Gary

Gary, studying Medicine at the University of Melbourne, is a Wiradjuri man and he grew up in a country town. He is the first in his family to go to uni. In 2013, Gary was a Health Ambassador. He shared some of his experiences in these videos and a humourous text blog. View Gary's videos and blog.


Medicine - Jessica 

"I would say to other people who are thinking about going to uni but not sure if they can do it, they should believe in themselves... it is do-able, there are ways to get around those barriers, and there are people that are there to help you.View Jessica's profile and video.


Medicine - Luke

"...medicine has a big science content... there's also a lot of involvement with people. Communication skills are also highly valued so it's just... academic, it's also about interpersonal skills. The best part is just the range of things to study... there's always something that's really stimulating."  View Luke's video.


Medicine - Mairaed

Mairaed is studying Medicine at Deakin University, Geelong, after completing her first degree in Biomedical Science. She is a Health Ambassador and shares some of her experiences in these videos and some fascinating blogs about her medical practise placements. View Mairaed's videos and blogs.


Midwifery - Clementine

"Some days can be a challenge, not every day is straight forward and I think you have to be prepared for that. If you're interested in sharing a journey with women, I'd say this  profession is for you 'cos it's really rewarding and it's a privilege to be part of that journey.View Clementine's video.


Midwifery - Jessica

"University's definitely setting me up for the future, especially when I've got responsibilities, like taking care of my son Sebastian." View Jessica's profile and video.



Nursing - James

James has finished his second year of the Bachelor of Nursing at Deakin University. His path through higher education has changed since finishing Year 12. "I wanted to use my passion for helping people and the human body in the best and most personal way possible, and that is why I chose Nursing." Read James's story.


Optometry - Mansi

"When I was in high school I was quite aimless... I didn't know what I wanted. When I got into the course I realised that I liked working with eyes and interacting with people, and the health and science behind it. Probably 10 or 15 years from now I'd like to open my own practice and work independently.View Mansi's video.


Oral Health Therapy - Stephanie and J.J

"We're studying to become Oral Health therapists, two fields combined into one degree - dental therapy and dental hygiene. We work a lot in prevention and education. You can work with general dentists, Orthodontists, overseas as well. We're in between, we're not dentists, we're not nurses, we're health therapists... part of a dental team." View Stephanie and J.J's video.


Paramedicine - Sam

"I was looking for something different, I didn't want the 9 to 5 desk job - I wanted to be out there working with people and I think paramedics gives you that opportunity to challenge yourself every day. Every day is different." View Sam's video.


Physiotherapy - Lucy

"There are lots and lots of different types of physios, but the one thing they all share is helping people return to function through exercise.  I didn't want to be sitting at a desk... I wanted to be up and moving... I wanted to work in a team with other people and I wanted to help others.View Lucy's video.


Psychology - Ben

"Studying for a Doctorate in Psychology involves lectures, assignments and exams, also time in the field learning from and observing other psychologists. It also has a research component... I spend a lot of time... putting people in a MRI scanner to have a look at their brain. Psychology is a really broad field." View Ben's video.


Social Work - Jad

"... going through to university... will affect your family, it will affect those around you and it will affect your own self esteem and your own worth because you'll then feel like you are of worth and you can do something.View Jad's profile and video.


Sports Science - James

" We study a lot of different things, biomechanics, anatomy... but Exercise and Sports Science is actually a lot of prac... we're mainly out in the field learning that way. I heard from heaps of other people how enjoyable it was... and it's been really good." View James' video.

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