Professional Profiles - Health graduates

Read about the career paths and choices made by recent graduates now working in their chosen profession. Learn more about the decisions that they made and the advice they wish they had at high school.

Audiologist - clinic - Philippa

"We take our hearing for granted. When it is lost, the effect on our day to day lives can be devastating. It is very fulfilling when people thank you for helping them interact with society again."

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Dietitian - aged care - Adele

"Being able to go home feeling like you’ve made someone’s day a little better and being able to do something that going to help them is very rewarding."

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Medical Physicist - hospital - Amanda

"The variety and the unpredictability of my job makes every day fresh and interesting. I love being part of a multidisciplinary team, working together to give the best health care possible for people."

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Occupational Therapist - hospital - Amanda

"I had never heard of occupational therapy until I was in my final year of high school and right away the holistic nature of the profession attracted me. Who wouldn’t want to go into a career helping people to achieve what they want to do?"

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Pharmacist - hospital - Bec


"Taking a gap year was a great decision for me, I needed a break from the stress of study, and working in a pharmacy for that time really showed me what pharmacy was all about, and helped me put my best foot forward at university." 

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Registered Nurse Division 1 - residential aged care - Edgar

"After working for almost two years as an enrolled nurse, I realised that by not going to university and without a degree, what I can do in my job and profession was limited, hence I decided to further my studies at university."

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