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Just a year or two ago, most of these students were like you - trying to make hard decisions.

You’ll learn how studying at university helped some to clarify their career direction, taking them on a different path. They learnt that their original study choices could be changed. Some changed courses, universities or even moved across the country to pursue their career goals. Many others found their chosen course opened up more possibilities than they had imagined. 

 Electrical Engineering/ Business - Mercy

Mercy, studying an Electrical Engineering/ Business double degree at RMIT, was an Engineering Ambassador for LEAP in 2012/13. "Although science and maths haven't always been my strengths, I worked a bit harder than usual and I'm now studying to become an engineer."  View Mercy's video.

Engineering - Anne

Anne, a student of Engineering at Swinburne University of Technology, was an Engineering Ambassador for LEAP in 2012/13, She attended this LEAP into...Engineering event: "to help students understand the engineering disciplines that are available after VCE and also to explain the journey that I've gone through... all the hurdles that I've had to go through."  View Anne's video.

Engineering/ Mathematics - James

James is studying for an Engineering/ Mathematics double degree. "I was lucky with my parents... being young parents - they were 18 and 17 when they had me. They placed an importance on education when I was growing up." View James's video.

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