Professional Profiles - Engineering graduates

Read about the career paths and choices made by recent graduates now working in their chosen profession. Learn more about the decisions that they made and the advice they wish they had at high school.

Chemical Engineer - mining industry - Sarah

"My job is never the same, one day I can be punching out calculations in the office, or working in a laboratory and the next I can be out in the field monitoring a process or inspecting equipment. There is always a problem to solve or something to improve and nothing beats overcoming that challenge."

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Electronic Engineer - automation technology industry - Dev

"During my high school I realised that if I am passionate about my career in engineering then it is very important for me to complete my higher qualification via university."

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Electronic (Grid Automation) Engineer - power generation and distribution - Peter

"Working for a large organisation opens up many opportunities for work, both locally and internationally. I recently worked on a project in Vietnam which I was pulled into because I had product and solution knowledge that I could share and teach to the team over there."

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Electronic (Project Systems) Engineer - Department of Defence - Emilia

"In year 11 I began looking for a part-time job. A lot of job vacancies that were available that did not require a university Diploma or Degree weren’t very appealing and their pay rates were not great. I did some research into what Engineering roles would pay and that was more than enough to convince myself that I need to go to university."

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Geotechnical Engineer - civil engineering industry - Nicole

"Engineering isn’t just for boys, and it isn’t all about maths, and it isn’t about sitting your desk and looking at equations. Being an engineer is about more than understanding the maths and physics behind it. It is about designing and constructing practical things, and managing projects and people."

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Mechanical Engineer - energy industry - Andrew

"I’ve worked for one of the world’s largest companies in the energy industry. I’ve been lucky enough to work both in Melbourne, and overseas. I’ve also been able to build lasting friendships through my work."

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Mechanical Engineer - aviation industry - Piotr

"There is nothing more amazing than seeing an Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft, landing safely on the airport runway. Seeing this, and knowing that your work as an engineer on the equipment enables safe flight for the thousands of passengers that fly each day."

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