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If you enjoy problem solving and tackling new challenges, Engineering is a fantastic profession to choose.

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Why would I want to be an engineer?

Engineering is all about working with people to solve problems using science and technology. Engineers are always in demand and have great work prospects.

Engineers find work opportunities around the world. Australian engineering qualifications are recognised in the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong and many other countries.

Engineering graduates (Bachelor, newly qualified, under 25) enjoyed starting salaries in  2013 of between $53 and $95k a year, with a median starting salary for all engineer graduates of $64k. Median salaries for engineering disciplines in 2013 were: Aeronautical $60.8k; Chemical $69.5k; Civil $62k; Electrical $65k; Electronic and Computer $58.3k; Mechanical $62k; and Mining Engineers $95k. In the past 35 years, engineering graduate earnings have been stable and consistently high in ranking. (source: Graduate Careers Australia. - Grad Jobs and Dollars 2013 data)

What is the engineering profession all about?

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Many things we take for granted have been worked on by engineers: roads, computers and phones; clothes and cosmetics; aircraft and cars; even clean water and mass produced food.

Some engineers design new structures and machinery. Others solve complex, existing problems like the need for new forms of renewable energy, improved car and road safety, new communications technologies. All engineers work on applying scientific principles and technological innovations to solving problems in efficient and innovative ways.

Check out this fun video on YouTube, produced by the University of Newcastle, NSW -  What is Engineering? Then, explore our page What kinds of engineering professionals are there? What do they do?   for a detailed listing of different types of engineers, including many not mentioned in the video.  

Engineering professions snapshot - facts and figures

You can investigate more about a cross-section of engineering professions by using our Engineering Infographic 2017 resource (PDF 780 kb).  

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