Games Creator - Simon

Simon is Creative Director at The Voxel Agents, a company that produces computer games, mostly for ios and android phones and other devices. Simon's role is designing and developing game concepts, in-game challenges, screen layouts and menus, characters and artwork. He works closely with artists, musicians and programmers to bring his concepts to life.

How did he get into the games industry?

"...the story starts a long time ago... in Grade 2 I was designing mazes... I found that really fun."

In Year 12 Simon's brother saw a uni course that combined computers and art, but his best friend's father said 'you don't want to do that, that's a waste of time, you won't get anywhere with that.'  

"But I was influenced by that... and I went and did that degree and it was great."
"University was really good for having a framework for learning... and being structured towards an end goal..."

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