Furniture Designer - James 

University attended: Monash University

Course completed: Bachelor of Design (Industrial Design)

Current job (company/position): Furniture Designer, Cubus Concepts

When did you first become engaged with the idea of entering your professional field?
I always had an interest in how things were made and a curiosity about why products are designed in certain ways. I suppose I always thought I could have made them better.

At what point in your schooling did you realise that going to university would help you achieve your career goals?
In Year 12 I decided I wanted to be a designer so I did some research and discovered you have to go to uni to become one - the path to getting the job I wanted became clear. 

What are two things you wish you’d known about future careers or study when you were at high school?

  1. I wish I’d known about the variety of skills needed in different professions, such as spelling and neat handwriting. I thought that in my job I would write everything on the computer so it wouldn't matter. But I still write heaps of notes by hand. I wish I’d known to work harder on it at school.
  2. I’d also like to have known how much fun living on campus at uni can be- that alone would have motivated me to look at further study earlier.

What is the best part of your workday?
I like the variety. Some of the time I'm on the computer doing the 3D modelling, sometimes I'm out in the workshop making the prototypes, other times out on the road seeing manufacturers. 

What are two feel-good elements of your job?
It’s also really rewarding when we get photos of a restaurant or club that we’ve done the furniture for, and seeing how my hard work has paid off.

Can you share interesting/unknown facts about your job?

  • I get to name the pieces of furniture I design and like to name them after people I know. I name my favourite chairs after my favourite people.
  • I like to tell my friends all about the furniture they’re sitting on when out in restaurants and bars.

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