Claymation Artist - Darcy

Darcy is a Clay Animation Artist and  Director of film and music video clips. He runs a company called Oh Yeah Wow,  with a bunch of fellow creatives. They work to produce claymation work that stands out among the rest. Darcy has produced work for music videos for artists including Gotye, Bombay Bicycle Club, Graveyard train, British India and many others.

"I've always been a cartoonist, drawing cartoons since I was a small child... from a very young age i had a really imaginative thing going on."

"I got into the World's Biggest Animation Festival with my student film and things just didn't stop rolling from there."

"Find a way to do what you love and do it as much as you can... don't just flip burgers, don't pack shelves... constantly get better and practice... that's the only way to grow as an artist, I think."

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