Architect - Mark

Mark works as an Architect for the prestigious architecture firm 6 Degrees.

He loved building stuff as a kid. By 15 he'd decided he wanted to become an architect, so chose the maths subjects he knew he'd need, but "In hindsight I guess I would have done a lot more arty sort of subjects... so I'd encourage students, if you're keen on a design career, I'd get stuck into all the art and graphic design subjects because they're going to be the most useful."

At school, he got little encouragement because architecture was seen as "a tough course" but Mark followed his dream and he worked hard for it. "If you really want to do it, it,"  Mark says.  "I think that's what design is... you imagine something in your head...and then make it a reality. It's the same in your career as well, like, if it's too, too difficult you think, then you've just got to picture that it's going to happen and just do it's great."

"I feel like I'm so lucky getting paid to do something I love...that I'd probably do for free even, it's just really rewarding." 

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