Professional Profiles - Design graduates

Read about the career paths and choices made by recent graduates working in their chosen field within the design profession. Learn more about the decisions that they made and the advice they wish they had at high school.

Art Director - advertising industry - Mete

"I first became engaged with the idea of being a designer in when I visited the 'Pixar: 20 years of animation' exhibition at ACMI in 2007. It proved to me that people could make a decent living from drawing pictures and creating ideas."

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Animator - Rubber House - Ivan

"...what drew me to animation is the story-telling aspect and the ability to do things with a sense of humour. There's a lot of work out there but not necessarily big studios hiring... it's hard to find apprenticeships... so you've got to be completely employable when you come out of a course."

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Architect - Greenaway Architects - Jefa

"My interest emerged from undertaking graphics and art classes at high school, coupled with an interest in Lego as a child which developed spatial reasoning skills... Later years of high school made it clear that university was the key way to... become an architect. There are less than 10 registered Indigenous architects in Australia - ever." 

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Architect - Six Degrees - Mark

"I'd encourage students, if you're keen on a design career, I'd get stuck into all the art and graphic design subjects because they're going to be the most useful."
"When you get to uni and you're doing something you really love, you find all these other people doing exactly the same thing and it's just fantastic."

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Art Director - Corporate Image - Chris

"Advice I'd give to students is to get as much experience as you can, immerse yourself in the design community as well...research agencies or stuios that you're really interested in working with..."

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Claymation Artist - multimedia industry - Darcy

"What led me into design and animation was a real need for storytelling, to tell stories... I grew up in a family that was a little crazy, my Dad was a Zookeeper for 30 years and he had some amazing stories to tell..."  

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Creative Director - games industry - Simon

"At school I started working on art... drawing and painting... I really enjoyed creating things. Then in high school I started doing IT and found that to be really fascinating... making things on the computer gave you a whole other dimension you could work with and really opened up a whole lot of possibilities of how I could create things."

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Content Director - marketing agency - Emelye

"There's a million different things that you could do. So...getting on the computer, talking to people and researching what the unusual jobs are...because there's heaps...and finding what you really love so that you can choose the right subjects, choose the right course to get there and make sure that you go in the right direction."

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Graphic Designer - freelance - Beccy

"I actually lived on a farm for the first 18 years of my life and it was 16km out of town, so isolation was a big deal...At high school there were just two kids in my Art class. When I decided to go to uni, people would look at me with concern and say 'what's a graphic designer?' "

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Graphic Designer - design agency - David

"In high school I knew I wanted to make art for a living. I weighed up my options and graphic design was the greatest balance between art and the commercial world. So I fell in love with graphic design as an extension of my love of art."

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Graphic Designer - higher education sector - Kate

"I think it's worthwhile making a point of just how diverse the industry is. Before I started studying I thought the only outcome was a designer in a studio, but really it is so far from the truth, and this variety is something I love about the profession." 

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Product Designer - furniture industry - James

"I always had an interest in how things were made and a curiosity about why products are designed in certain ways. I suppose I always thought I could have made them better."

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