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Do you love art or visual communications? Then you can create your way to a design career.

Why would I want to be a designer?

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Design skills and qualifications make you highly employable. You’ll develop practical, transferable skills in general design and then specialise in design areas that most interest you for your chosen career.

Design professionals find work opportunities in a range of professional disciplines around the world. Australian design professionals are highly regarded overseas. 

Art & Design University graduates (Bachelor, newly qualified, under 25) can start on annual incomes of: Art & Design - $38k to $58k, with a median of $40k; Architecture & Building - $40k to 60k, with a median of $49k. (source: Graduate Careers Australia. - Grad Jobs and Dollars 2013 data)

What is the design profession all about?

Every day, we are surrounded by the influences of designers :

  • From the labelling on your breakfast juice or cereal carton to the bowl and glass you put them in;
  • From the bike, car, bus, tram or train that gets you to school and back home, to the roads, tram stops and stations they travel through;
  • From the buildings you live and learn in, and the sports and entertainment venues you play or watch in, to the clothes and furniture you feel comfy in and the uniforms of the players;
  • From the coolness of your mobile phone, its apps and widgets, right through to the content you see on the screen, or on TV, at a concert, a music festival or the cinema;
  • And at the end of your day, to falling asleep on your favourite pillow.

A world without designers would be a boring, often inefficient and uncomfortable world.

What kind of designer would you like to be?

Design offers careers across a broad landscape of technical, industrial, visual and creative  fields. You’ll be surprised at the diversity of careers a design qualification can open up to you. They include professional roles in these design areas

  • Architecture or Environmental Design 
  • Visual Communications or Graphic Design
  • Industrial or Product Design
  • Art and Creative Industries

If your passion and interest is in any of these areas, design offers you a rewarding future.

Design profession snapshot - facts and figures

You can investigate more about a selection of Design professions by using our Design Infographic  2017 resource (PDF 715 kb)

Print at A3 or A4 after download - do not print from browser.



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Find out more about the wide range of design careers and roles you can pursue. Then remember to review your Career Action Plan with your teacher or careers teacher.

Read our design professional profiles to learn more about a particular field.


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