Professional Profiles - Business graduates

Read about the career paths and choices made by recent graduates working in their chosen field within the business profession. Learn more about the decisions that they made and the advice they wish they had at high school.

Account Manager (Marketing) - Georgia

"Within the first three weeks of my role the company sent me to a sales conference in Las Vegas - that was certainly a ‘wow’ moment!. University is all about self-motivation and creating your own pathway; there are resources there to help you reach your goals but it is up to you to leverage them."

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Corporate Events Assistant - Preetika

"I wish I had more hands on experience in my chosen career at a younger age, such as more work experience and responsibility to understand what a job in that field entails."

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Finance Business Partner - Brett

"...I didn’t want to be locked down to a single vocation, but rather experience a broader education that can be applied to a number of different career paths."
"It is very rewarding when specialised finance tools that I have developed are shared across the wider company."

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Management Consultant - Shishir

"Complete a degree that gives you lots of options and flexibility down the track.’s really hard to know what kind of job you’ll like when you’ve barely tried any. The greatest thing about University is not what you learn from the courses directly – it’s the interesting people that you meet, the extracurricular activities you can do and the ability you gain to think really deeply..."

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Senior Administrator - Phillip

"..I fell into university as a logical next step and discovered later on during my studies at both Swinburne and Monash how beneficial university would become for me."

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Senior Financial Accountant - Rachael

" matter what the industry, accounting is something that all businesses have in common. The prospect of learning a skill that I could use to engage with a multitude of industries during my career was really exciting."

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