Do you enjoy innovating or creating, organising or managing, negotiating or problem solving, promoting or pitching, and tackling new challenges?

Then the future holds a Business card with your name on it.

Being a business professional is all about working with people as part of a team, to achieve the best outcomes for your organisation, company, agency or business, using the latest techniques, technology and resources.

Why be a business professional?

Business professionals are always in demand and have great work prospects. Business professionals work in many different disciplines and across every sector: commercial, professional,  government, and not-for-profit. They also have great flexibility to apply their skills and experience over the course of their career in many different ways.

Business professionals find work opportunities around the world. Australian-born or educated entrepreneurs and business leaders are recognised for their skills, qualifications and leadership style in Australia and overseas.

Where can a business qualification take me?

If your passion and interest is in any of these areas, a business profession offers you a rewarding future. Business professionals usually start out working in a specific field, such as marketing, accounting, finance or economics, before moving into broader management roles. You may specialise in one field and job if working in a large business or organisation. Or you may take on several business roles in a smaller organisation.

Over time, business professionals usually work across multiple fields or in different roles, gaining experience and new skills along the way. Moving into new job roles, applying their broader experience and skills, is how they climb the career ladder.

In most business careers, you’ll move up the ranks based on your ability and experience. For example:

  • intern or junior-level accountant, marketer etc.
  • senior-level in your field
  • manager or assistant director
  • senior executive, director, CEO

What is the business profession all about?

You’ll be surprised at the range of career options a business qualification can open up for you. Specialisations include jobs in the professional, commercial, government, education and not-for-profit sectors to name just a few. You will be amazed where your career will take you.

In the past, it was common to spend your entire working life in the same area; today, business professionals move from challenge to challenge, re-energising themselves, re-inventing their career, and diversifying and growing their work and life experiences every 4 or 5 years.

Business careers fall into six broad fields, and there are many roles within each:

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Finance
  • International Business
  • Management
  • Marketing

Each one of these covers a different area of business but they are all involved in the task of running a business, whether very large or very small. 

For more detail about these and the professional roles in each, go to the Find out more and glossary-business pages.

Business profession snapshot - facts and figures

You can investigate more about a selection of business professions by using our Business Infographic 2017 resource (PDF 803Kb)

Compare the figures in this infographic, based on latest (2015) data, to the current data on the Job Outlook website to see what's changed since 2015.  

Download and print PDF at A3 or A4 size  - do not print from your browser.

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