Your child's career - how you can help

From an early age many children have ideas about what jobs they would like to do when they 'grow up'.

In many cases these ideas come from the people they know or see working around them every day. But there are many rewarding, in-demand professional careers out there that your child may not have seen, or thought about.

All careers require skills, knowledge, personal strengths and training. Many of today's school students will change careers several times through their working life. It is increasingly important to choose a career path that offers flexibility to adapt to change, opportunities for future learning and professional development.

LEAP shows your child the number of possible jobs and the importance of continuing education after secondary school. They will have a better understanding of their career options and be able to make informed choices about career goals.

How you can help

Once a child is inspired to follow a particular job or career path it can encourage them to study harder and with more determination. With a clear goal, pathway and determination, they are more likely to make it happen.

In early secondary school years, your child learns about their strengths and interests as they start to think about career planning. At home, you can talk with your child about the kinds of jobs that may fit their strengths and interests and you can encourage them to find out about the careers on offer. 

Help them to explore each LEAP profession.  They can get an understanding of the broad profession areas, then more detailed information and resources to pursue their chosen career. This will help them to begin their career planning. 

Using this website with your child

The LEAP website is designed to include you in your child’s career planning journey. You can play an important part in helping your child better understand their future options and make informed decisions about the best way to reach their career goals.

Here they can learn about these profession areas: Business, Design, Engineering, Health, ICT, Law and Sciences. This will help you and your child explore the possibilities out there. Be sure to explore all of the seven broad profession areas - you may be surprised at the diversity of jobs and career paths each offers. 

  • For Y7-9 students, explore each profession's Getting started and Find out more pages for an understanding of the professions and those careers they may not know about  
  • For Y10-12 students who have a career in mind, the Building skills and Making it happen pages offer advice, tips and resources to help them achieve their goals.
  •  then discuss with your child their thoughts about each profession, using the  conversation starters in Career Conversations - Years 7-9 or  Career Conversations - Years 10-12
  • look through the LEAP News and Activities pages to see what students do in our  activities and events, and encourage their interest in participating
  • learn about the benefits of university and the challenges and rewards of study
  • read or view videos of first-hand experiences of people on their career path, through LEAP student stories, professional profiles and videos in each profession section
  • visit the university websites to find information about their courses, fees, scholarships, student support services, accommodation and other important parts of university life
  • check out these useful websites to explore further, on your own or with your child, to learn more about careers and university study.

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