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Your child's career - how you can help

From an early age many children have ideas about what jobs they would like to do when they 'grow up'.

In many cases these come from the people they see working around them every day. Professions like teachers, nurses and doctors are commonly the ones chosen. However, there are many, many more careers out there that your child may not have thought about.

The LEAP program has been set up to help young people learn about professions, especially ones which require study at university.

This website has information about six profession areas: Business, Design, Engineering, Health, Law and Sciences. These professions have been chosen as school age students may not know much about them and the variety of jobs available in each area.

By showing your child the number of possible jobs and the importance of continuing education after secondary school to reach these professions, it is hoped they will have a better understanding of their career options and be able to make much more informed choices as they follow their goals.

Helping your child understand the importance of higher education and the greater choices it will offer them is important.

Once a child has decided on a particular job or career it often inspires them to study harder and with more determination as it gives them purpose to why they are studying.

How you can help

In early secondary school your child learns about their strengths and interests as they think about career planning. At home, you can talk with your child about these things to help begin to form ideas about future careers (you can use the Career Conversations section of the Understanding Professions page for ideas on what to discuss). Helping them explore the different jobs and professional areas will also help them with their planning. You can use the LEAP website's professions sections, as well as other Useful Websites to do this together.

All careers require skills, knowledge, personal strengths and training. This website will help you and your child explore the possibilities out there.

If your child already has a career goal, there are still plenty of ways you can assist them in working towards it. For example, your child may have an interest in pursuing a career in health but may not know about all the different health jobs. You can support your child to explore the job options in their area of interest, or help them make important decisions involving subject choices at school, to help them reach their goal. On this website your child can also learn about the experiences of university students studying in the field your child hopes to join, and can ask them questions about their experiences.

Using this website with your child

The LEAP website is designed to include you in your child’s career planning journey. You can play an important part in helping your child make the decision to pursue higher education, as well as finding the best way to reach their goals.

By using this website you will also gain more information about universities, workplaces and professions that will help your child.  You can access it together with your child to help better understand their future options.

Here are some ideas for using this website with your child:

  • explore professions with them that may be new or unknown in our professions pages
  • discuss the ideas of careers and professions using the Career Conversations sections (Years 7-9) (Years 10-12)
  • look through the LEAP News and Activities pages to find out about activities and events that your child may be interested in attending
  • learn about university life and the challenge and rewards of study through LEAP Ambassador blogs and videos
  • encourage your child to ask LEAP questions about courses, university life and careers through the ‘Ask a Question’ feature
  • visit the websites of LEAP partner universities to find information about courses, fees, scholarships, accommodation and other important parts of university life.

Useful links

This website also includes a section of links that may be useful for you to explore on your own or with your child to learn more about careers and university.


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