Making it happen - how you can help

How to help your student in Years 10-12 to achieve their career goals and be confident in beginning university.

Career conversations

You can use these questions as conversation starters to talk to your child as they continue planning their future study and career:

  • What professions/jobs interest you the most?
  • What professions/jobs do you think you are well suited to?
  • What talents and skills do you have that will help you in a future career?
  • What subjects are you enjoying at school and why?
  • What skills and knowledge would you like to gain before getting entering the workforce?
  • Do you enjoy the school subjects you have chosen?
  • What school subjects are important for the career you are considering?
  • How do you feel when you think about the idea of going to university?
  • What challenges do you think going to university would bring?
  • Discuss subject choices and how they link to career goals with your child as they approach Years 10, 11 and 12.

You can also attend careers events with them such as:

  • Careers sessions and information nights held at school.
  • University Open Days with your child (usually held in August each year). 

Helping them get there

Once your child has a career goal that suits their interests and talents, there are many more ways you can help them to plan and continue to university.

  • Learn with them about their chosen professional area via this LEAP website and other useful websites
  • Find out what school subjects and study outcomes your child needs to reach university.
  • Explore the range of courses and pathways to their chosen profession by visiting the university websites.

On the LEAP website

  • Encourage your child to view the Professional profiles pages and video clips from recent graduates in their chosen profession, to see first-hand how they achieved their dream
  • Encourage them to also view Student stories for insights into what university is really all about,what they are studying and why they chose that profession
  • Explore the university websites to get information about their campuses, scholarships, courses and the student support services they offer
  • Use our Transition to university section to learn more about university life and aspects that may be unfamiliar to you or your child.

Career Action Plan

At school your child will probably be working on their own Career Action Plan to help them make choices about their future.

You can help with this:

  • Ask them about their progress with the Career Action Plan.
  • Ask them to bring it home and explain it to you. 
  • To help them link their learning at school to the careers they are interested in
    - discuss topics and skills they’re learning about at school;
    - talk about how these might be useful in the workplace.
  • Encourage them to make notes about these discussions in their Career Action Plan.

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