The LEAP Program aims to help you and your secondary school child explore career options in different professions, and understand the benefits of university study in attaining their career goal.

 The website also offers information and resources to help you and your child make informed choices about their future study and career options.

With your encouragement and support, LEAP can  help to raise your students' aspirations towards a professional career in Business, Design, Engineering, Health, ICT, Law or Science - all open to them through university study.

The LEAP Website

This LEAP website is a key resource for students, teachers and parents. Please encourage your students to use it to explore the LEAP Professions and other resources before and after attending events.  They can:

  • learn about the professions and the many career options they offer
  • learn about university life and study, by viewing videos of university students who share their experiences
  • learn about a profession from the profiles and videos of graduates now working in their chosen career 
  • suggest to their teachers that they request a LEAP activities for their class
  • apply to attend advertised events (senior years students only) 

LEAP Activities  and Events

Victorian universities  offer students access to a range of profession-based activities to give a taste of what it would be like working in those areas. These may be delivered at their school, a university campus, a workplace, or other venue such as a Specialist Science Centre. 

  • The LEAP profession-based activities were developed by the LEAP partner universities. They are designed to inspire your child to set their sights on a professional career and build their confidence to work toward that goal.
  • The length of activities may vary, from one hour up to one or two day events.
  • Activities can be requested via individual Universities
  • Activities are scheduled at different times through the school year or during term breaks. 

Get in touch

To enquire about LEAP activities for your school
please contact one of LEAP's participating Universities