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LEAP aims to help you and your child learn more about their career options in different professions, and the role of university study in attaining their career goal, by offering access to a range of university campus, workplace and school-based activities plus online resources.

The LEAP Program can show your child the importance of higher education by focussing on professional careers. The professions covered are Business, Design, Engineering, Health, Law and Sciences.

Four Victorian universities and the Victorian campus of the Australian Catholic University, the Department of Education and Training, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and Independent Schools Victoria are all partners in the LEAP program.

LEAP activities

  • Teams from LEAP partner universities have created activities for all secondary school year levels.
  • These activities aim to inspire your child to set their sights on a professional career and give them the confidence to work toward that goal.
  • LEAP activities are available as a priority to LEAP priority schools.

LEAP events

  • Events based on the LEAP activities may happen at different times through the school year or during term breaks - at schools, on a university campus or in professional work-spaces or locations in Melbourne, metropolitan or regional locations.
  • The length may vary from one hour up to three or four day events.
  • Some can be booked by a school and others will be open to expressions of interest from individual students (with parental consent) from the LEAP priority schools.
  • Find out about what your child can get involved in by looking at the activities page.


  • All LEAP activities are provided free of charge to LEAP priority schools and their students.
  • Transport – LEAP has some funds to support students to get to events. For events booked by individual students you can apply to the organisers for support to cover travel costs. How to apply for travel support.

The LEAP Website

This LEAP website is a key part of the LEAP Program. It allows students, teachers and parents to connect with the LEAP Program before, during and after attending events.

The website gives your child a chance to explore career options in their professional area of interest, and gives them a look at university life. Through the website they can:

  • find details of activities to get involved in
  • read about a range of professional outcomes in their field of interest
  • register for events themselves
  • encourage their teachers to book activities for their class
  • view recordings of university students who are currently experiencing the challenges of higher education, and
  • ask questions about the different professions and university using our question and answer section.

Once students have attended an activity they can use the ‘Ask a Question’ feature to follow up after their experience. They may also wish to book into further activities.

Profession facts and figures

LEAP has produced profession infographics - information sheets giving a snapshot of the profession. These facts and figures are a great starting point for discussions with your child.

Use the links below and the following questions to help them to discover more.

  • Ask them to look for similarities and differences between professions using the data.
  • The Infographics show the education attainment of people currently working in each profession. Can they explain why there may be some people currently working in a particular profession that don't have university qualifications?
  • Why do they think it is important to explore different careers and professions and get an understanding of the education required to get into that profession?


Print at A3 or A4 after downloading - do not print from browser

Business professions facts and figures

Business Infographic resource (PDF 1MB)





Design professions facts and figures

Design Infographic resource (PDF 1.1MB)





Engineering professions facts and figures

Engineering Infographic resource (PDF 1.1MB)





Health professions facts and figures

Health Infographic resource (PDF 1.3MB)





Law professions facts and figures

Law Infographic resource (PDF 934Kb)





Science professions facts and figures

Sciences Infographic resource (PDF 1.1MB)


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September 12th, 2017

Add an activity to your LEAP Higher Roadshow

If your school is getting a LEAP Higher show in Term 4, why not request a LEAP profession activity? Read more...

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