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How do we find out about university courses and support offered by universities to help my child during their time at university?

Information is usually available at participating universities through their course finder and other pages. The parents’ useful websites page also has useful links to information about courses. 

What are scholarships?

Scholarships provide money or other assistance to students to help them study at university. Scholarships are awarded by different universities or institutions for students who show strong potential but may need financial assistance to study. You can find information by visiting our participating universities.

Do we receive a report on our child’s progress at university?

No, parents don’t receive reports their child’s progress at university. Students get feedback from university staff about their work, and get their final results (grades) at the end of each semester. Universities offer help for students who are having difficulty with university study. Information about these support services at the different universities can be found via the LEAP partners page. 

Do parent-teacher interviews happen at university?

No. Students are expected to talk with lecturers and tutors themselves if they are having difficulties.

What happens on a university Open Day?

University Open Days let you explore a university campus and find out all about higher education and university life. At Open Days you can look around campus, attend information sessions about courses, talk to students studying in your field of interest, see the campus accommodation, or the sporting and other facilities. Most universities in Victoria run ‘Open Days’ during August each year.

What is it like to be a student at a university?

See what university students say. View videos by Student Web Ambassadors who are sharing their journey through university. LEAP activities offered by participating universities also give students an opportunity to meet in person with university students studying in different professional areas.

Can my child study part-time?

In many cases yes, but not always. You need to check the study options for the actual course they wish to study, or discuss with the relevant course advisor at that university. 

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