November 24th, 2017

LEAP Higher 2017 - A Great Success!

This fun performance from our theatre-in-schools partner, Gibber, has opened the eyes of over 6,000 Y7 & Y8 students to new possibilities.

Feedback from their teachers has been positive, with many telling us their students will be able to draw on this experience later, when developing their Career Action Plans.

Teacher feedback...

  • "Fantastic, highly relevant, timely, excellent starting point for discussion & to increase aspiration levels. Thank you." [Pathways Coordinator]
  • "Vibrant, exciting, relevant. Thank you." [Assistant Principal]
  • "It was a brilliant introduction to the pathways ahead for our younger students (Years 7&8). We would love to see this workshop embedded in all school programs." [Pathways Coordinator]
  • "Great performers, students very attentive and engaged. Important for rural areas to promote higher education." [Education Support]

Schools participating in this year's roadshow were:

Antonine College; Bellarine Secondary College; Chaffey Secondary College; Croydon Community School; Crusoe 7-10 Secondary College; Daylesford Secondary College; Emerald Secondary College; Footscray City College; Geelong High School; Heywood District Secondary College; Irymple Secondary College; Kurnai College - Churchill; Kurnai College - Morwell; Laverton P-12 College; Lilydale Heights College; Lyndhurst Secondary College; Manangatang P-12 College; Manor Lakes P-12 College; Merbein P-10 College; Monterey Secondary College; 

Northern Bay P-12 College (Peackock Campus); Northern Bay P-12 College (Tallis St Campus); Oberon High School; Pascoe Vale Girls Secondary College; Portland Secondary College; Red Cliffs Secondary College; Rushworth P-12 College; Springside P-9 College; St Brigid's College, Horsham; Sunbury College; Sydney Road Community School; Upper Yarra Secondary College; Wanganui Park Secondary College; Wodonga Middle Years College (Felltimber); Wodonga Middle Years College (Tallis); Wycheproof P-12 College; Yarra Hills Secondary College; Yarram Secondary College; Yarrawonga College P-12; and Yuille Park P-8 Community College.

By: Peter Doolan
Categories: Business, Design, Engineering, Health, Law, Sciences, LEAP Program news

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