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July 6th, 2017

LSAP never loses its appeal – just like a good lawyer!

On the 4th of July, students from across Victoria braved the Melbourne cold to travel to Victoria University (VU) for the second  LSAP Workshop of 2017. Many of the students attended alone but quickly made new friends.

Students were welcomed by Professor Michael Stuckey, Dean of the College of Law & Justice at VU. Professor Stuckey encouraged the students to ask questions of the presenters and explore the campus to get an idea of what university life is like.

To begin the workshop, the students heard from two current LEAP into...Law Student Ambassadors. The students appreciated the opportunity to hear information about university life straight from the source.

With the knowledge about university life under their belt, the students then heard from prominent human rights advocate and barrister, Julian McMahon AC. Using a series of engaging case examples from Australia and overseas, Mr McMahon engaged the students in a discussion about the importance of the rule of law. The students had many questions, and wanted to know all about what it was like defending alleged criminals.

After morning tea students had the chance to ‘Be the Judge’ and engage in a sentencing exercise in their groups, facilitated by criminal Barrister, Carmela Pezzimenti. 

They then heard from guest speaker Kot Manoah, a personal injuries lawyer at law firm Slater and Gordon. In his interactive presentation, Kot spoke to the students about the importance of embracing and creating opportunity. He shared his own experiences of learning English in refugee camps, arriving in Australia and finally being accepted as a student at Victoria University.

After a short lunch break to refuel, the students re-entered the lecture theatre to find a ‘crime scene’, with the front of the lectern sectioned off with police tape. Dr Jim Pearson from the Victoria Police Forensic Services Centre presented an overview of forensic evidence. Students learned about DNA, ballistics, serology and bloodstain pattern interpretation, and how these are used  both to eliminate suspects and to catch the bad guys.

To finish the day, the Hon. Dr Ken Coghill, former Member for Werribee, ran the politics part of the workshop. Students learned about life as a politician and considered current political issues.

As always, it was fantastic to see the desire and commitment of these students to find out the information that can help them to make the best possible decisions for themselves in the future.

Feedback on the day was extremely positive, with students remarking:
“I learned all the pathways to a legal profession and I got a greater understanding of what areas of law I am interested in.”
"I learned how transferable skills from the legal profession can be for other areas of employment etc.”

“Law is more about being a person of the community than being a book worm.” 








LEAP into… Law activities aim to encourage students to consider a career in the legal profession. 

The next LSAP Workshop, the “Headstart” program, will take place in November for Y 11 students who will study Legal Studies in 2018.

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by LEAP into...Law Team

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