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May 5th, 2017

Science triple-header exposes students to Ebola... and more...

28 students Year 9 & 10 students from Mount Clear College and Ballarat Secondary College, Mount Rowan explored the roles of an Immunologist and a Pharmacologist in a full day experience at Federation University, Ballarat campus.

This LEAP into...Sciences Science and Well-Being event included three activities: two hands-on laboratory workshops and a presentation on science careers.

In our Careers presentation, Science presenter, Jess spoke about her own journey through secondary school into university, and then into her career as a scientist and a science communicator.

The students were able to see how lava samples are taken from an active lava flow, got to handle a 350 million-year-old fossil, and pondered the curious things people use to make jewellery.

In the Immunology workshop, students were able to discuss the importance of effective science communication befere going on to create a vaccine against the Ebola virus. Happily, only mock virus samples were used in this activity!

In our Pharmacology workshop, students learnt a number of laboratory skills including using the titration method to measure the amount of active ingregient in common pain medication. They then went on to solve a mystery with an "ill patient".


Feedback included:

"I was not interested in science, now I will choose the chemistry elective next year" – student

"This was very well organised; I would like to bring my students to this event each year as it is incredibly eye-opening." – teacher

by LEAP into...Sciences Team

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