July 9th, 2015

Students get into genes to explore science at uni

These Y10, 11 and 12 students spent a great day at Monash University, Clayton, experiencing life on the campus of big university. A tour of science buildings and learning spaces, such as Labs and lecture theatres, gave the students an idea of what studying a science course at university would be like.

The social and support areas for undergraduate students was of particular interest.

Then, to get an idea of what practical activities would feel like at uni, the students were guided through three first year biology activities: 

  • running a gel to look for sickle cell anaemia genes;
  • observing Drosophila flies to determine gene expression patterns; and
  • using microscopes to find different stages of cell division.

In the process, students got to see what teaching labs look and feel like.

After lunch, Monash University student ambassadors discussed their experiences of transitioning into a university science course and answered many questions.  

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By: LEAP into...Sciences Team
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