May 29th, 2015

Regional students test their food tech skills at Earth Ed.


42 Students from schools in regional Victoria got involved in discovering the science behind their food at a LEAP into...Sciences event hosted by Earth Ed Ballarat on 28 May, 2015.

Following an informative introductory talk, the students participated in hands-on workshops, taking on the role of Food Technologists in the food industry. From using microbiology techniques to ensure a high quality yoghurt product hits supermarket shelves to farming advice on when is the best time to harvest a crop of citrus fruits based on sugar content readings, the students were able to see just how much science is involved in our everyday lives.

Five undergraduate and postgraduate university students from Federation University, Ballarat and Gippsland, faciliatated activities and talked to students about what it's like studying at university and about their career goals in science. This made the day informative and engaging.

The event that was enjoyed by all and has created some food for thought about future education and career paths for the attending students. 

By: LEAP into...Sciences Team
Categories: Sciences

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