December 1st, 2014

Mooroopna students investigate accident, fight crime

On Tuesday the 20 November, 33 Y9 students from Mooroopna SC visited Victoria University for an Introduction to the Legal Profession activity. Just a couple of the students had attended a LEAP event prior to this, but it’s fair to say they were all really involved in the activity.

Scott Murray from the LEAP into...Law team engaged the students with the 'Judge or Actor' warm up activity, then focussed in on an accident scenario, challenging the students to work in teams to figure out what had happened to cause the accident. They then examined several types of crime to identify the differences, followed by a slide presentation and recreation of a crime.

Teachers attending indicated that they thought the students had been really well engaged with the event. Comments and questions that flowed from students included: "all the different jobs you can do in law"; "is law a competitive industry?"; "different career options in law"; and "many more jobs than I thought"

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By: LEAP into...Law Team
Categories: Law

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