August 28th, 2014

Students discover robot in basement

Enthusiastic Y7 students from Laverton SC arrived at RMIT on 21 August expecting a Signage in the City experience. Instead they witnessed creativity at work (a designer's essential skill) as the LEAP into...Design team created an impromptu 'design mystery tour'  due to unfavourable weather.

The students got to explore RMIT's city campus. In the Advanced Manufacturing Precinct (AMP) in the state of the art, eco friendly Design Hub (designed by architect, RMIT graduate Sean Godsell), they even got to see the giant robot 'Steve', lurking in the basement. One of only 2 metal 3D printing machines in Australia, Steve is a rapid prototyping machine worth $1.2 million. While exploring the campus, they also got to visit the newly developed editing suites used for film and television live broadcasts.

Students then enjoyed a hands-on workshop based on the history of 20th century architecture, led by Deb Kunda, architect and educator. As well as an introduction to the actual work an architect must undertake, students were shown examples of designs that were too radical in their day to ever be built. Challenged to be just as fantastical and innovative, students were asked to create their own building/ cityscape, based on these buildings of the past.

Students commented that they had learned "all about architecture" and that "it takes a lot of hard work" and at the end of a great day, all 50 students indicated that university was on their radar - over half were now more interested than before.  

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By: LEAP into...Design Team
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