May 13th, 2014

'Upcycling'? What's that?

Wimmera students found out all about upcycling, recycling and sustainability in LEAP into...Design's Mystery Challenge and How Do They Do That? workshops, during the last week of April.

LEAP into...Design toured the Wimmera Region, running nine design workshops over four days in Murtoa, Edenhope, Goroke, Nhill, Dimboola and Horsham.

In a rare, possibly unique experience for these regional schools, students  were introduced to the breadth of the Design profession and the important, often unrecognised, role design plays in our world. They also learnt valuable tips about preparing their design folio, and how the interview process works when applying for a design course at university.

Students found out about sustainable design, and how it links to the concepts of  'recycling' and ‘upcycling’ - a new term for many. In the workshops, they learnt first-hand how ‘waste’ materials could be 'upcycled'  into a useful new product. 

In the Mystery Challenge, groups of students learnt how Designers need to work as a team and within time constraints. Challenged to solve a design problem by selecting from a range of mystery items, teams responded with some amazing creative designs. Students really enjoyed the challenge and were proud to present their team’s finished product to the whole group.

In the second workshop, How do they do that?, groups were introduced to some of the skills Designers use. Responding to a 'client brief' these students really enjoyed working as Designers and they came up with some very creative designs. 

Student feedback from the workshops was positive:
"It helped me think quick about a design; it also made me think about how everything has been designed."  -  Y 9 Student
"I learnt about teamwork and...I found that things that I thought wouldn't work did work."  - Y 9 Student

The teachers at all the schools involved felt their students gained an understanding of the Design profession and the many, varied openings available for study and careers in this area. 
"Great workshop, thank you for your time, our students thoroughly enjoyed it."  - Careers Coordinator

"For some students, I think the workshops may have stimulated a previously latent interest in design," said LEAP into...Design Coordinator, Narelle Desmond.

LEAP into… Design activities aim to encourage students to consider a career in Design. View all Design Activities available to your school. 

By: LEAP into...Design Team
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