January 28th, 2014

Creativity in action at drawing workshop

VCE students from around the state participated in summer Interdisciplinary Drawing workshop in January.

Developing a greater understanding of the design profession, as well as building their own artistic skills and creativity, attending students took part in the Interdisciplinary Drawing Workshop summer program at Monash University's Caulfield campus. Over four days they discovered a range of design techniques that would be a valuable addition to their VCE studies.

Led by Dr Spiros Panigirakis, students explored a range of media to build their confidence and skills. Students also experienced what it is like to spend time on a university campus, getting a sense of the learning environment university offers.

Students were asked for their thoughts on the four day workshop:

Last week for four days, I attended a drawing workshop at Monash University, Caulfield campus, a program organised by LEAP into...Design. It was centred for those interested in the art and design field. Each day held something different not just in the exercise to complete but in the various pathways of thought our minds had to adopt. The workshop was led by a team of three; an artist, a graphic designer and architect and though they held a passion for their craft but also in the field of teaching students. It was an experience that nurtured our creative thinking through challenging it.

We completed charcoal drawing of an invented cubby of junk, a string sculpture to support an egg, a day navigating Adobe Illustrator and ending with a construction in card. At first impression, it is not recognisable that these undertakings are all intertwined. One activity influenced the next and that was a new concept and one that has left a lasting impact on me. It would’ve been simple to carry out these tasks on a fresh idea each time but it was a new and challenging way to come up with solutions to these problems by using data from the previous task. Doing things this way does not deprive you of anything but enhanced our ability to problem solve and generate fresh concepts to communicate different aims.

This workshop really accentuated the importance of the design process but also the adventurous ways to complete that journey. It was a worthwhile experience. Everyone should try to find a workshop and go because you have so much to gain. Not only in the area you want to pursue but in countless other ways that help you in other things too. It is a really good learning environment. A different and more enriching than being inside your ordinary classroom. It’s a great experience to get advice and help form other teachers other than your own as it invites different ideas and opinions that you might take on. The atmosphere is great with everyone in the room sharing a common interest, it makes it so much easier to grow.

I enjoy design and this workshop just really made me love it even more, I just can’t wait to begin.

Christine Eid - Y11 Student

The LEAP Design Drawing Workshop is a great experience to attend if you are thinking of pursuing a career in design or if you are just interested in this area. It allows you to discover a variety of work activities that takes place in the course but in a fun, enjoyable way. It is definitely a worthwhile event to attend to as you gain a better experience and further develop your skills in design and working with new people.

Vanessa - Y10 Student


Overall feedback from attending students indicated 88% found the workshop increased their knowledge of the different jobs in the design profession. When asked if they now had a better understanding of what studying at university involves, 77% agreed.

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