September 10th, 2013

Engineering Experience - a day at Quantum Victoria

5 September 2013

Approximately 115 Year 9 and 10 students from schools in northern metropolitan area attended an Experience Engineering day held at Quantum Victoria specialist science centre.

Attending students learned about the diverse range of engineering careers and enjoyed some practical hands on workshops in electronic, civil, chemical and software engineering.

testing a suspension bridge

Two sessions ran on the day for different groups of schools. After an introduction to the day and a discussion on the different types of engineering professions, students then undertook two different workshops. Those who experienced some software engineering got the chance to discover how Apps are designed and made in an interesting workshop run by La Trobe University . By the end of the workshop students saw their designs made into a real interactive App.

Chemical engineering gave the students the chance to do some problem solving in a workshop run by RMIT University. Year 10 students Louise and Isabelle from William Ruthven SC described what they did:

"Our group was involved with experimenting with a soft drink can. We were given [the] can, salt, ice, water and some foil. We were assigned the task of seeing which group could make their drink the coldest. We also learnt about different types of engineering and what jobs they can do. Overall, it was an enjoyable and educational experience."

The civil engineering workshop run by La Trobe University introduced the students to the work of civil engineers through a bridge building activity. Students learned about the principles of giving strength to a structure and all the factors a civil engineer has to take into consideration when building a bridge such as the local weather it will have to withstand and how much traffic it will have to carry.

Curiosity bot was a popular workshop with students learning about the many different types if engineers involved in developing a robot. Led by La Trobe University students, this workshop gave students the opportunity to test their robot control skills as they navigated them through an obstacle course.

The session concluded with current students from different partner universities speaking of their study experiences in their chosen engineering field and the decision making they went through in pursuing their education to university. They also spoke about what it is like to study at university and where they are headed after they complete their studies.

Students attended from: Al Siraat Coll, Greensborough Coll, Hume Central Coll, Mercy Diocesan Coll, Reservoir HS, Roxburgh Coll, William Ruthven SC and Yea HS.

Students commented:

"Engineering is more common than it seems."

"All the activities needed teamwork and designing certain things."

"There are many interesting pathways with engineering."

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