August 20th, 2013

Weeroona College student experience the professions through LEAP

Approximately 200 Year 9 and 10 students got to participate in one of the four LEAP professions to really understand what people in those areas do.

Depending which profession they had chosen, the day started in various locations around Bendigo. LEAP into...Law ran their activity at La Trobe University's Bendigo campus. Also on campus was the LEAP into...Health activity based at the La Trobe Rural Health School. Students attending the LEAP into...Engineering activity were located at the Discovery Centre, while the Bendigo Gallery and La Trobe Visual Arts Centre (VAC) were the venues for those involved in LEAP into...Design.

Health workshop

Students testing vital signs

Kerry Tucker from Deakin University was MC for the Health workshops. Those attending had a very hands on day interacting with various university students from La Trobe and Monash who ran short workshops on their profession. Students experienced the world of the Paramedic, Podiatrist, Occupational Therapist and health administration in an interactive format. They were able to ask lots of questions both about the profession and university study. At the end of the day the students heard from a panel of current medicine students who also ran a vital signs workshop. One student who participated in the health activity said 'I learned totally new career choices', while another learned about 'different options in the health industry- not just nursing or being a plain doctor'.

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Engineering workshop

Students at the LEAP into...Engineering workshop experienced four activities around engineering run by La Trobe University. These included the Curiosity bot where students learned about electronic engineering whilst operating a remote control robot. Through a suspension bridge activity students learned about the application of civil engineering and the work of the profession. Students even got the chance to drive one of the Curiosity bots over their completed bridge! During the Crash Test dummy activity students learned about mechanical engineering and tested their vehicle crumple zone designs on a model car. An electronic readout showed how effective their design was at decelerating the vehicle. Finally the students took part in an activity to develop a game App. They produced a storyboard and then created the game using software engineering. The LEAP program was appreciative of the Discovery Centre hosting the LEAP into...Engineering event.

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Law workshop

During the Law activity, students built their understanding of the key skills required by people working in the legal profession. Negotiation skills were put into good practice during a game of trading. Students also spent time getting to grips with the legal processes and the roles of different legal professionals involved in a legal case. Students had a great time developing a fictitious case to understand the legal process.

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Design workshop

Those students experiencing the design profession for a day enjoyed a wide variety of activities.  A walking tour of Bendigo CBD shone a light on the various ways designers use graphics and typography for signage. At the Gallery students participated in an illustration workshop based upon the current show on at the gallery by illustrator Shaun Tan. At the VAC students heard from a university student about fashion design and some recent graduates who run their own graphic desgin agency in Bendigo.

LEAP into… Design activities aim to encourage students to consider a career in Design. View all Design Activities available to your school.

Many thanks to everyone for helping put on a really impressive day.

Overall, a great time was had by everyone and we hope all the students left wanting to learn more about the profession they experienced on the day.

By: LEAP Program
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