August 8th, 2013

Kyneton students Experience the Professions

Year 9 Students from Kyneton Secondary College experienced a day of activities relating to the Design, Health and Law professions on 7 August.

The LEAP program provided activities to allow Year 9 students to experience three different profession areas to gain an understanding of what these professions have to offer. Students had a very hands on day of activities and came away with a greater knowledge of what the professions are like.

Design workshop

Students create architecture design collage Architecture was the key focus from the LEAP into...Design team, with students being introduced to what architects do by a profesional architect and then getting the chance to think like one and plan a city skyline of the future. Students really enjoyed using pictures of current buildings and making a collage of a futuristic skyline. This is a technique often used by architects as a starting point to planning and design work. Students enjoyed the creativity of this activity and commented: "[I learned about different careers in design I am interested in." "How they design buildings." "Architects have a cool job." "[There is] a wide variety of careers in design, not all of which involve the typical art skills."

Many thanks to architect Deb Kunda for helping run this activity.

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Law workshop

Negotiation skills and legal processes where a key learning outcome from the LEAP into...Law activity. Students first learned about the legal profession and the key skill of negotiation from a trading activity. this was followed by an imaginary criminal case in which the students developed the story content and were guided through the processes and roles of the different legal professionals that would be involved in such a case. Many students commented they had learned a lot about the legal processes and the careers around the law profession: "I found the topic very interesting." "Lots more jobs in the legal profession than I thought." "[I learned] what needs to be covered to complete a case."

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Health workshop

Student fitting a leg braceInteracting with Monash University students, one studying medicine and one studying physiotherapy was an added bonus for the LEAP into...Health activity. Students were given an introduction to the diversity of health careers and then had chance to brush up on their CPR skills as well as being shown how to assess someone's vital signs, an everyday activity for many in the health profession. Working with the physiotherapy university student, the Year 9's experienced rehabilitation exercises commonly used to help patient recovery after illness, injury or surgery. Students felt they got to experience more about the health professions, commenting: "I extended my knowledge today." "It's important to know what all the different health professions involve before you make your decision what to study." "There is more to the health profession than I thought."

This was a very successful day as students left with a greater understanding of the professions and knowledge of some possible careers they had never considered. Over 80% of students agreed or strongly agreed that they enjoyed the day.

LEAP into… Health activities aim to encourage students to consider a career in Health. View all Health Activities available to your school. 

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