June 6th, 2013

Students discover signage in Melbourne

6 June 2013

Thirty students from Cranbourne East SC spent an engaging morning in Melbourne discovering the world of typography as used by designers for signage.

Based at RMIT's city campus the students undertook two workshop activities. Firstly they spent time with academic design staff learning about typography and how graphic designers use it. Students then tried their had at some design work using fonts and styles.

The second part involved a stimulating and informative city trail tour, looking at some iconic signage around the streets. Students discovered the tricks designers use to make their signs stand out in the city by viewing both old and new signage. Students got to put their learning into practice to describe the typography used.

Students had a thoroughly enjoyable time. When asked if they were now more interested in attending university in the future, 27% of students said their interest was now greater, which was most encouraging. Students commented:

"I learnt the hidden meaning to the logos. I really enjoyed this lesson a lot."

"Every logo has a reason and a story behind it."

"I learnt about typography and furthered my understanding of university."

View images from the day at Gallery Design.

By: LEAP into...Design Team
Categories: Design

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