January 30th, 2013

Drawing Summer School review

January 2013

image of school students at drawing summer schoolLEAP into… Design ran a drawing summer school, over four days, at Monash University's Caulfield campus.

Twenty-one school students attended the interdisciplinary drawing workshop, designed to give them a greater understanding of how drawing is used in many creative careers.

During the workshops, students were able to hone their existing skills and discover skills they never knew they had, through valuable support and advice from university staff and students.

Workshops saw students taking conceptual designs and re-creating them in three dimensions, using string, cardboard boxes and a digital interface.

The summer school gave students a unique opportunity to experience the brainstorming of exciting new ideas that can emerge out of experimental drawing processes, expanding beyond what they may have done in the classroom. They also got a taste of some of the learning experiences that occur at university, studying in different design-related courses and in different design profession disciplines.

Students gained valuable skills and knowledge, including advice on folio preparation, to help them in their VCE studies in subjects such as Visual Communication, Art, Design and Technology, and Studio Arts. They also experienced what it was like to be on a university campus over several days and discover what was on offer.

Students enjoyed the chance to interact with students from other schools and commented that they now appreciated Design from a different perspective. Feedback from attending students was extremely encouraging with 100% of students agreeing or strongly agreeing that they found the day interesting and enjoyable. 69% of students felt their interest in a design career had increased.

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By: LEAP into...Design Team
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