December 8th, 2012

The first engineering event

December 2012

image of robot obstacle courseLEAP into… Engineering hosted several activities at a one day event for forty Year 9 and 10 students from Charles La Trobe College. The students gathered at Specialist Science Centre Quantum Victoria, to take part in a series of multi-disciplinary Engineering activities.

Students started the day with a general presentation about engineering, learning about the different types of engineers and what they do. Moving into activities, students and staff from LEAP partner, RMIT University ran two separate workshops.

The Crashworthy Vehicle Design workshop was a smash hit with the students. Not only did they get to understand the engineering principles behind making vehicles safer, they also got to do hands-on testing of different designs and materials on scale models which they tested to destruction.

Students also learned about the skills different types of engineers contribute to improving vehicle safety. Most importantly, they got to interact with mechanical and automotive engineering university students who shared their passion and enthusiasm in a very engaging manner.

The second workshop focussed on the work of chemical engineers and involved investigations of water purification processes along with a challenge for the students to use engineering skills to cool a can of drink.

Once again university students ran the session and the school students were actively engaged in testing water filtration processes and challenging each other to see who could cool the drink can the lowest given the same resources and time. It was great to see the university students participate in the challenge as well.

Workshop three was run by students and staff from LEAP partner, La Trobe University. They have created a remote controlled model Curiosity Bot based on the Mars Rover - Curiosity, for students to learn about the work of electronic engineers.

At the event the students had the chance to test their remote control skills by navigating the Curiosity Bot over a series of obstacles and challenges via controls on a computer. It was great to see students learn about electronics and wireless controls and understand how this knowledge is applied by engineers controlling the actual remote robot, Curiosity, on Mars.

To finish off the day, the school students were given an informative presentation about the links between higher education and the engineering profession. They also enjoyed a presentation from a current university student, LEAP into... Engineering Web Ambassador, Anne, who spoke of her learner journey in studying engineering.

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By: LEAP into...Engineering Team
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