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LEAP Program Office

For general or program-wide enquiries: 

Admin. & Events T: (03) 9903 4632  

E: adm-leap | at |

Program Manager T: (03) 9903 4627

E: peter.doolan | at |

Or you can use the online enquiry form

LEAP Profession Event Coordinators

For enquiries about a LEAP event you are attending:

LEAP into...Business

E: Narelle.Desmond | at |

LEAP into... Design

E: Narelle.Desmond | at |

LEAP into... Engineering

E: leapintoengineering | at |

LEAP into... Health

E: melinda.sekulitch | at |

LEAP into... Law

E: leapintolaw | at |

LEAP into...Sciences

E: adm-leap | at |


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September 1st, 2017

Future leaders - Don't miss this exciting opportunity - 1 Sep 2017

This is an exciting opportunity for senior years students who are destined to be our future leaders. The VU Annual Student Leaders Conference. Read more...

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