Example activity - LEAP Into Your Future

Activity code: GEN-XX
Year level: 9 & 10
Target audience: School groups
Venue: University campus

LEAP Into Your Future

Finding a calling in life can be difficult. How do your students know what is out there? When should they start exploring their options? Can they be sure they have chosen the right path? Where can they find out, and access the resources to help them reach their goals?

LEAP Into Your Future is an information packed careers day, tailored to meet the needs of Y 9 and 10 students. It is aimed at answering these questions and opening up the world of industry and a diverse array of professional careers. Run at a university campus, students will also get a feel of uni life, experience the learning style associated with university study and see what university teaching facilities are like. (Access to laboratories and other areas are subject to university availability).

With more knowledge of the professions and career opportunities these offer, students can make informed choices and be encouraged to set their sights on rewarding and productive careers.

About the workshop

  • To begin, in a lecture theatre type venue, students will be given an overview of  Higher Education and what it's like studying at university, the pathways to university, choosing the right course, and the careers they can pursue in a range of professions.
  • Next, students will break out into separate spaces and rotate through up to 3* profession-based, hands-on workshop activities (approx 60-90 minutes each). Presenters from up to 3* profession areas will speak about their field of expertise, the myriad options available in their profession and how students can reach their goals.

LEAP into your Future will broaden your students' career horizons, show them the resources the LEAP website offers to help them achieve their goals, and inspire them to explore more and apply this knowledge in the future when reviewing and refining their Career Action Plans.

*The profession workshops at the event will be determined by participating Universities, based on availability of presenters from these professions - Business, Design, Engineering, Health, ICT, Law, and Sciences. Schools may elect to depart before Workshop 3 if  necessary due to travel time back to the school .

LEAP learning outcomes: Understanding the professions
Duration: 1.5 - 5hrs
How to participate: Contact a participating university
Max numbers: 150
Min numbers: 50

Example activity - LEAP Higher

Activity code: GEN-YY
Year level: 7 & 8
Target audience: School groups
Venue: School or University campus

LEAP Higher will open your Y7-8 students’ eyes to new possibilities and will be an invaluable experience to draw on later, when developing their Career Action Plans. 

In a stage show of wacky scenarios, students will follow the story and antics of Jess, Sam and Maddie as they ponder their hopes and dreams for the future and discover how to realise their ambitions. Their journey of discovery, involves deciding what is right for them and the future they dream of, but didn't believe was possible.

The show uses humour, music, multi-media and popular culture to encourage students to see the value and importance of school and Higher Education. It aims to dispel any preconceptions or negative attitudes towards learning beyond the compulsory education period and to engage, inspire and inform your students about preparing for entry to specific fields, supporting informed decision-making in later years.

After the show, your students may be able to participate in an interactive profession-based activity to learn about the diversity of careers in that profession.

This is a great opportunity to engage your year 7 and 8 students with the idea of professional careers and demystify the links between school, higher education and professions. 

Read about LEAP Higher 2017...

View this video to see excerpts of the 2015 performances, feedback from teachers and comments from university outreach program organisers in both Victoria and in NSW, where the Gibber team have delivered performances over recent years.

How to Apply

Contact a participating university. When requesting a LEAP Higher day, schools must indicate student numbers, year levels and their preference(s) for any profession activities for the day. Profession availability may vary by negotiation.

LEAP learning outcomes: Understanding the Professions
Duration: 60-90 minutes - negotiable with school to fit school timetable
How to participate: Contact a participating university
Max numbers: 150
Min numbers: 50

Get in touch

To enquire about LEAP activities for your school
please contact one of LEAP's participating Universities