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LSAP Workshop Program

Event code: LAW-03-012
Date/time: 4 July 2017, 9:00am - 3:30pm
Location: Victoria University, 295 Queen Street Melbourne

Students using their skills at negotiating

If you're a Year 10, 11 or 12 student who has decided on a career in the legal profession, or are thinking seriously about it, this intensive LSAP (Legal Studies & Australian Politics) Workshop Program is for you. You'll get insights into studying at uni, legal profession career options, and more.

On the 4 July LSAP, students will hear from:

  • a Human Rights Lawyer, Julian McMahon,

  • a former Sudanese refugee, Kot Monoah, who is now an Australian Lawyer &

  • Hon Dr Ken Coghill, who will talk to his career in politics.

Plus, learn how to sentence criminals with a Criminal Barrister and analyse crime scenes with a Forensics Specialist.

Morning tea and a light lunch is provided.

The full day workshop will be structured as follows:

Going to university and beyond

Hear it from the horses mouth as LEAP into...Law's own student ambassadors give the lowdown on university study. You’ll discover what it’s like to study at university and what is actually involved in law related courses. Pathways to the legal profession (and studying law at university) will be discussed. You will also have a chance to meet and hear from current law students. You’ll be able to ask lots of questions. What's uni life actually like? Can I sleep in on Wednesdays? What's a tort? 

Law and politics in practice

This is your chance to step into the shoes of a legal professional. You may be acting the role of a judge in a sentencing activity, or examining evidence with the police forensic department. Either way, you will pick up some skills to take beyond the workshop.  

Life in the law: A guest speaker spectacular

You’ll hear from a number of professionals who work in the law and politics space and can answer your questions about what it’s actually like. They might be a barrister, solicitor, magistrate, police detective, court registrar or youth justice officer. Whatever their role, you’re sure to get some fascinating insights through the eyes of a real legal professional.

This event is not to be missed. Applications close 30 June 2017.

For more information contact the LEAP Team.

Careers Curriculum Framework learning outcomes

Year 10: 4, 6, 8
Year 11: 2, 4, 7, 8
Year 12: 6

Curriculum links

Civics and Citizenship, Levels 5, 6, 7

VCE: Legal Studies
Unit 1 Criminal Law in Action, Area of Study 1, 2 and 3
Unit 2: Issues in Civil Law, Area of Study 2
Unit 3: Law-making, Area of Study 1
Unit 4: Resolution and Justice: Area of Study 1, 2

Check out more information on this website about the law profession. Discover the skills needed, learn about making the leap to university, read stories from recent graduates and more...

LEAP learning outcomes: Making It Happen
Year levels: 10,11,12
Target audience: Individual students
Max numbers: 160
Min numbers: 50
Student Application

If you/your school need support for travel costs to join in this activity,
please read about LEAP travel support before registering.


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