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Introduction to Health Professions

Activity code: HEA-06
Year level: 7, 8, 9
Target audience: Negotiated. Apply below.
Venue: Schools with a confirmed LEAP Higher event (Nov. only)
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CPR equipmentThis is a great way for your students to begin exploring the Health professions through a fun activity in a relaxed environment. The activity is designed to get students up and moving and to dispel some TV medical drama myths about Health professions. For students who like to help people, are interested in how the human body works, like to keep healthy and fit, or like talking to people, our popular Introduction to Health Professions will open their eyes to a wide array of career possibilities. 

What will your students do in this activity?

Students will assume the roles, responsibilities and attire of different health professionals. They then play out a scenario, following and interacting as Health professionals involved in a typical accident victim’s progress. The activity begins at the ‘accident scene’ and continues through the patient’s various treatment processes until their eventual discharge from hospital.

Through the activity, students will:

  • experience and witness what various health profession roles really involve;
  • discover just how many different roles there are in the Health professions;
  • see how these roles all work together for the benefit of the patient; and
  • discover where university fits in to these career pathways.

From the time of injury to discharge and everything in between, this is a unique and interesting activity for every student who is just beginning to explore their career choices. 

Students will be introduced to the vast array of Health profession roles so they can understand that even though Doctors and Nurses are extremely important professions there are so many more opportunities in health care to consider. 

Introduction to Health Professions will be a valuable experience that students can reflect upon, when developing or reviewing their Career Action Plan with their teacher or careers teacher.

Use the School application link below to express interest in this activity and we will advise you of delivery options and availability. 

For more information contact the LEAP Team.

Careers Curriculum Framework learning outcomes

Year 7: 3, 4, 8, 9
Year 8: 4, 6
Year 9: 2, 6, 7

Curriculum links

Health and PE - level 7
Health and PE - interpersonal development, personal learning, working in teams - level 8.
Science: enquiry skills, use of influence of science, communicating and evaluation - level 7 and 8.
Health knowledge and promotion - level 8.
Health and PE: interpersonal development, personal learning, working in teams - level 9.
Science: enquiry skills, use of influence of science, communicating and evaluation - level 9.

Check out more information on this website about the health profession. Discover the skills needed, learn about making the leap to university, read stories from recent graduates and more...

LEAP learning outcomes: Understanding the professions
Duration: 45-60 minutes
How to participate: Negotiated with school
Max numbers: NA
Min numbers: 25
School Application

If you/your school need support for travel costs to join in this activity,
please read about LEAP travel support before registering.


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September 12th, 2017

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