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LEAP Higher annual roadshows

Activity code: GEN-YY
Year level: 7 & 8
Target audience: School groups
Venue: School or University campus
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LEAP Higher will open your Y7-8 students’ eyes to new possibilities and will be an invaluable experience to draw on later, when developing their Career Action Plans. 

In a stage show of wacky scenarios, students will follow the story and antics of Jess, Sam and Maddie as they ponder their hopes and dreams for the future and discover how to realise their ambitions. Their journey of discovery, involves deciding what is right for them and the future they dream of, but didn't believe was possible.

The show uses humour, music, multi-media and popular culture to encourage students to see the value and importance of school and Higher Education. It aims to dispel any preconceptions or negative attitudes towards learning beyond the compulsory education period and to engage, inspire and inform your students about preparing for entry to specific fields, supporting informed decision-making in later years. Read about LEAP Higher 2015...

After the show, your students will join in one of LEAP’s interactive profession-based activities to learn about the diversity of careers in the profession.

This is a great opportunity to engage your year 7 and 8 students with the idea of professional careers and demystify the links between school, higher education and professions.

View a short video to see excerpts of the 2015 performances, feedback from teachers and comments from university outreach program organisers in both Victoria and in NSW, where the Gibber team have delivered performances over recent years.

Note: When applying, schools must indicate requested session (am or pm). Start/ finish times may vary by negotiation. LEAP will determine which Professions will be presenting on the day. LEAP Travel Support is available.

For more information about this event contact E: LEAP Team.

LEAP learning outcomes: Understanding the Professions
Duration: 2hrs (AM or PM sessions)
How to participate: Date specific (see 'Upcoming events' below)

Upcoming events

There are no upcoming events for this activity.


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