Advanced Engineering Workshop

Event code: ENG-01-014
Date/time: 5 April 2016, 9:00am - 6 April 2016, 4:00pm
Location: La Trobe University, Bendigo (two day workshop)

Students experience working in a university engineering laboratory

Engineering Link Project (ELP) event

This workshop is run in conjunction with the Engineering Link Group as part of the Engineering Link Project.

This two day workshop gives you an opportunity to explore in depth different engineering disciplines. Each day begins with career presentations by engineers from the local community. Then in a group with other students, you will address a model problem, considering the issues, testing materials, designing solutions and producing proposals. Your proposal will then be assessed by an engineer and you will get to build and test the solution to see if it works. Each day you will have the chance to choose a different field of Engineering. 

*This activity requires students to currently be undertaking VCE Maths Methods or Pre-Methods. Students also studying Specialist Maths and/or, Physics are particularly encouraged to apply.

**LEAP is sponsoring a limited number of places at this event. 

Expressions of interest due by Wednesday 23rd March, 2016

For more information contact the LEAP into...Engineering Team.

Careers Curriculum Framework learning outcomes

Year 10: 4, 6

Year 11: 1, 2, 4, 7

Year 12: 3, 4, 6

Curriculum links

VCE Maths Methods, Specialist Maths,
Chemistry, Physics

LEAP learning outcomes: Making It Happen
Target audience: Individual students and/or school groups
Max numbers: 40
Min numbers: 25
Student Application

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please read about LEAP travel support before registering.

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