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Advanced Engineering Workshop

Activity code: ENG-01
Year level: 11, 12 (Y10 for some events)
Target audience: Individual students and/or school groups
Venue: University campus
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Students experience working in a university engineering laboratoryIf you’re a Year 11 or 12 student and have decided or are thinking seriously about studying at uni for a career in engineering, our multi-day activity gives you a chance to explore in depth many of the different engineering disciplines and the pathways to studying at uni.

Each day begins with presentations by engineers, then in a group with other students, you will address a model problem in an engineering field, considering the issues, testing materials, designing solutions and producing proposals. Your proposal will then be assessed by an engineer and you will get to build and test the solution to see if it works.

Each day you will have the chance to choose a different field of Engineering.

This program is sometimes run in conjunction with the Engineering Link Group as part of the Engineering Link Project.

*This activity requires students to currently be undertaking VCE Maths Methods. Students also studying Specialist Maths and/or, Physics are particularly encouraged to apply.

For more information contact the LEAP Team.

Careers Curriculum Framework learning outcomes

 Year 11: 1, 2, 4, 7
 Year 12: 3, 4, 6

Curriculum links

 VCE Maths Methods, Specialist Maths,
 Chemistry, Physics

Check out more information on this website about the engineering profession. Discover the skills needed, learn about making th

LEAP learning outcomes: Making It Happen
Duration: Variable (1 - 3 days)
How to participate: Date specific (see 'Upcoming events' below)
Max numbers: 60
Min numbers: 25

Upcoming events

Electronic/Electrical Engineering - Curiosity Bot Roving

Activity code: ENG-02
Year level: 7, 8
Target audience: School groups
Venue: Schools with a confirmed LEAP Higher event
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Remote control vehicleThis popular activity will engage your students in a fun, teamwork environment where they will test an all-terrain, wireless-controlled robot platform, inspired by the Mars Rover 'Curiosity'. The robot is fully manoeuvrable via a wireless interface on a PC,

Your students will use the controls on a PC to drive their team’s Curiosity Bot through a series of obstacles, taking photos of its journey (via a wireless camera loaded onto the robot) along the way. As well as manoeuvring a robot and competing against other teams to finish the course, students will have a chance to understand how the robot is assembled and functions.

Your students will also be introduced to the engineering profession, the skills that are required for a career in engineering and how to reach their goal through Higher Education.

For more information contact the LEAP Team.

Check out more information on this website about the engineering profession. Discover the skills needed, learn about making the leap to university, read stories from recent graduates and more...

LEAP learning outcomes: Understanding The Profession
Duration: 2hrs
How to participate: Negotiable - limited availability. Apply below
Max numbers: 25
School Application

If you/your school need support for travel costs to join in this activity,
please read about LEAP travel support before registering.


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September 12th, 2017

Add an activity to your LEAP Higher Roadshow

If your school is getting a LEAP Higher show in Term 4, why not request a LEAP profession activity? Read more...

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