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LEAP seeks to engage students from low SES communities with universities and professional communities to demystify the links between school, higher education and professional careers.

The LEAP program aims to:

  • Stimulate students’ interest in particular fields, enabling them to experience and engage with a range of career possibilities
  • Enhance students’ and families’ understanding of how to prepare for entry to specific fields, supporting informed decision-making
  • Challenge and extend students while increasing their confidence, enthusiasm, study and career aspirations.

Our goal is to achieve this through a range of activities and events based around each LEAP profession area.

The LEAP web portal also offers rich content and resources to support students in their exploratation of the profession areas.

Pre- and post-activity, teachers and students are encouraged to make use of the LEAP web portal and to incorporate their learning from the activity and further research into their career planning and decision making process. 


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September 12th, 2017

Add an activity to your LEAP Higher Roadshow

If your school is getting a LEAP Higher show in Term 4, why not request a LEAP profession activity? Read more...

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